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The hot topic today in the Permian Basin is producing oil from carbonate formations without mobile oil.  It sounds implausible but the reality today is that there are two ways of doing this: 1) using EOR techniques to release the residual oil and 2) to drill the zones horizontally and depressure gassy residual oil.

The common element involved in the two ways of commercializing this residual oil is the knowledge of where the residual oil zones are located along with understanding the properties of the reservoir and oil.  The guide to the required information comes from the recent research conducted by the ROZ team led by Melzer Consulting.  It is a new revolutionary age and Melzer Consulting can help you screen and optimize your projects to be part of it whether you are interested in horizontal wells or EOR.

And it is not just the Permian Basin that has this opportunity.  Recent work suggests the ROZs are ready for prime time in the Williston Basin and the intermountain basins in the Rockies.  Melzer Consulting is the perfect advisor to evaluate your ROZ project.

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ROZ (Residual Oil Zone)


Huge opportunities exist for exploiting residual oil zones (ROZs). These range from 1) enhanced oil recovery (EOR) wherein the residual oil is made mobile by injecting substances that change the oil’s properties (e.g., CO2) to 2) depressing the zone allowing breakout of the solution gas and some of the oil (aka depressing the upper ROZ or DUROZ).

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