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Melzer, L.S. (2016)

“San Andres Formation Residual Oil Zones And Their Relationship to the Horizontal Carbonate Play on the Northern Shelf”

The new understanding of the origins of residual oil zones (ROZs) is providing insights as to the explanation for the growing number of commercial horizontal well exploitation projects in the San Andres formation of the northern shelf area in the Permian Basin. The case will be made that what started out as a tight carbonate play, using production concepts analogous to the shale plays, has morphed into a ‘greenfield’ ROZ play at considerable distances away from the San Andres fields and in places where the landscape has been dotted with dry or disappointing vertical wells over the course of 60 years.

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Melzer, L.S. (2012)

“CO2 EOR Technology Note:  Evidence Supporting Supplemental Rock Diagenesis Making ROZs Different than Main Payzones,” Presentation from the PB ROZ Group, CO2 Flooding Conference, Midland, Tx, Dec 2012;Melzer_ROZ Science Advances in Understanding

Trentham,RC, Melzer, LS, Vance, D (2012)

Commercial Exploitation and the Origin of Residual Oil Zones:  Developing a Case History in the Permian Basin of New Mexico and West Texas, RPSEA Contract 81.089 08 123-19-RPSEA, June 2012

All Appendices except Appendix A-2 are incorporated into the body of the report. Appendix A-2 was uploaded as a separate file and the link below for the file was embedded on page 114 of the final report under the heading for Appendix A-2.
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2015 CO2 Conference Week
2015 CO2 Conference Week
The 10th Annual EOR Carbon Management Workshop
Midland, TX. Dec 3-4th  2012
The 18th Annual CO2 Flooding Conference
Midland, TX. Dec 5-7th 2012
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Ming C.M., Melzer L.S. (2010)

CO2 EOR: A Model For Significant Carbon Reductions,” White Paper presented at Symposium on the Role of EOR in Accelerating the Deployment of CCS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, July 23, 2010.

Permian Basin Residual Oil Zone Symposium
An increasing level of attention is being paid to the intervals below the oil/water contacts in many Permian Basin oilfields.  With the general lack of understanding of the full distribution and origins of these residual oil zones (ROZs), The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Melzer Consulting and several participating and sponsoring organizations submitted a proposal and were recently awarded a grant by the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) to research the origins and distributions of these intervals.

The Center for Energy and Economic Diversification
Our goal at CEED is to help with the needs of the Permian Basin. If our personnel in the Economic Diversification Program, Small Business Development Center, or Petroleum Industry Alliance don’t have the answer to your question or problem, we will try to find the answer, or put you in touch with the person or group who does have the answer to your problems. Our friendly staff enjoys helping you plan a successful event at CEED. Please let us know your ideas on how we can improve our service to you. Feel free to contact me at 432-552-2432 or E-mail R. Trentham with any comments, ideas, or questions.
The Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America
(RPSEA) is a non-profit corporation established to help meet the nation’s growing need for hydrocarbon resources produced from reservoirs in America.

The Texas Carbon Capture and Storage Association
(TxCCSA) is committed to promoting energy security and environmental benefits through the advancement of carbon capture and storage in Texas.

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